This blog is about how current economics are changing the experience of life and work — making it meaningful and satisfying, or not.   I started writing about that because I thought it would help me understand the world my kids (Millennials) are growing up in, which is the same world I’m growing old in. That interests has turned into several  years of research and writing

I’m not an economist, and don’t plan to be. I therefore mostly write as an archivist:  I follow my curiosity to new topics, then I find out what the pros are saying and let them speak for themselves.

I used to practice law. Before this blog turned to economics and work, I wrote about law and law practice. If those things interest you, check out the posts under The Future of Law and The Culture of Law. Those posts have been collected into two books, You can check them out at this link.

If any of the above interests you, let’s connect.

-Kevin Rhodes

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