This blog is an invitation to visionary thinkers to consider several key trends that are changing the experience of life and work — making it meaningful and satisfying,,, or not.  We look at macro trends such as globalization and the democratization of knowledge, also the new economics of  work, the disruptive technologies of artificial intelligence, robotics, and big data, and the neurology of how the brain puts it all together into personal experience and cultural connections.

These collected blog posts look at those trends, as well as the nature of the transformation/paradigm shifting process, and then speculate on where it’s all heading.  Topics include personal and professional growth and well-being, professional practice models, entrepreneurship, the neurological and cognitive implications of culture, and the future of work

I no longer practice law, but that’s where I came from, and I still reach back to the profession to share what I’ve learned.  That’s where this blog got its start, and has since branched out to a wider audience.  As applied to the legal profession, I talk about how these worldwide macro trends affect how the law is practiced, the people who practice it, and the law itself.  If the way law is practiced changes, and the if the people who practice it change, then the law itself must change — how it is created, interpreted, and applied.

We are in the midst of an international pandemic of meaningless work. We can do better.  Included in my recent posts you will find my attempts to add my voice to this essential conversation.  Along the way, you’ll meet scores of experts in many fields that you can use for your own discovery.

If any of the above interests you, let’s connect.

-Kevin Rhodes

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