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This second collection of Kevin’s blog posts for The Now of Law and the Colorado Bar Association focuses on the future and culture of law, including insights on technology, innovation, neuro-culture, and entrepreneurship. Extensively researched, visionary, and written in a crisp, conversational style by a man on a mission to bring wellbeing to the people who learn, teach, and practice the law.


Law enlightenment 2nd edition 33%Available from Amazon

This collection of blog posts (originally written for the Colorado Bar Association Legal Connection ezine) is “for anyone, lawyer or not, who wants to create or at least embrace change in their workplaces and personal lives. And not just change, but transformation.” Written with humor, empathy, insight, and perspective not just from the law, but also psychology, neuroscience, entrepreneurship, and shared life experience.

From the Foreword by Ronald M. Sandgrund, Esq.:   “Drawing on his professional and personal sojourn through that minefield called life, and with inestimable wit and wisdom, Kevin offers advice, humor and insight to Colorado lawyers and anyone else who is willing to take just a few moments out of their day to stop and listen and think. This book amuses, amazes and edifies just as the original blog posts did when I read them in real time over the past few years. I knew then I was hearing a fun and lively voice calling into the dark wilderness that can too often surround and suffocate otherwise creative spirits.”

From the Foreword by Prof. Debra S. Austin, J.D. Ph.D.:  “Kevin Rhodes is an audacious man. In this book, he dares us to be audacious right along with him. Kevin asks us to become self-reflective. He challenges us to question the status quo and he urges us to reinvent ourselves. He explains how we can get stuck and he offers a path forward. In short, Kevin empowers growth.”

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